Fayose, an enemy of the masses – Ekiti lawmakers

Lawmakers on the platform of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Ekiti State have accused Governor Ayodele Fayose of preventing them from duly representing the people of their constituencies.
The lawmakers  who spoke with reporters on Sunday said Fayose has denied them their allowances and other emoluments that are needed to develop their constituencies.
The lawmakers particularly lamented the high handedness of the governor on the affairs of the assembly, adding that Fayose has no regard for the lawmakers and the hallowed chamber.
The PDP  lawmakers including Posi Omodara, Irepodun /Ifelodun constituency II, Dr. Samuel Omotosho, Oye Constituency I, Michael Adedeji, Ekiti South West II, Segun Adewumi, Ekiti West Constituency I and Fajana Ojo Ade of Ekiti – East constituency I, described Fayose as a smart  pretender.
The members of the house said Fayose is a pure enemy of the people who pretends to love the people of the state.
They said ” Governor Fayose has been be going about the markets, eating and drinking with the market women, the Olokadas and downtrodden, pretending as if he has their love at heart, you will be shocked to know his true feeling about the people of Ekiti state
“Fayose thinks Ekiti people are foolish, he sees himself as the master player who can manipulate and deceive Ekiti people at will
“When we approach him on the need to have our constituency allowances, so that we can deliver on our electoral promises to the people of our constituency, all he said was that we do not need to embark on any project
“Fayose told us that he has been going round giving Ekiti people money,  ranging from N10,000 to N50,00. He said that’s enough for them . Fayose opened his mouth and call the people of Ekiti monkeys and that he owns their banana
“According to Fayose, Ekiti people are not exposed.  He said all you needed to do to deceive them is to go to the market and pretend you love them. Eat with them, play with them and give them maximum of N10,000. At the end of the four years, you couldn’t have spent up to N20 million. He felt that was prudent than embarking on life impacting projects that could gulp N20 million at once
“Fayose said with his antic of stomach infrastructure, we do not need any money for constituency projects as people are contended with his style.”
The lawmakers also raised the alarm of a threat issued to them by Fayose that if they failed to donate  money for the governorship election of the PDP, they will lose their return ticket.
The lawmakers said they were crying out because of the pressure from their constituents who are daily asking questions on the quality of their representations.
In a swift reaction, the Special Assistant to the governor on New Media and Public Communication, Lere Olayinka described most of the lawmakers as ungrateful elements.
He stressed that most of them were undertakers, cab drivers, Carpental and all sort of lowly people before Governor Fayose elevated them as members of the house of Assembly.
Olayinka noted that the lawmakers are paper weight politicians who has no influence and political influence at home.
He accused the lawmakers of demanding for constituency allowances when most of them are broke with no financial capacity before Governor Fayose brought them to fortune.
“They are ungrateful people, do they know how much Fayose spent for their elections? Now they are asking for constituency allowances to embark on projects for the people. Which people? The same people we give N5, 000 to N10, 000 on the street? Olayinka queried.


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