Hon. Olamide George Denies Being New Speaker, Solicits With Aketi.

Hon. Olamide George denies being new speaker, solicits with Aketi.

Ondo state lawmaker and current vice president of the Athletics Federation of Nigeria (AFN), Hon. Olamide George has denied ever being sworn in under oath as the new speaker and speaks that’s is has all been negative plans by other unpatriotic lawmakers to bring down the Aketi led administration.

He stated that Hon. Bamidele Oloyelogun still remains the speaker of the Ondo State House of Assembly along with his deputy speaker, Ogundeji Iroju.

He has promised to use his position to empower the youths, particularly sports men and women and work in collaboration with the speaker of the house, Hon. Bamidele Oleyelogun in achieving better welfare.


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